Dim Sum Guide

Dim Sum Guide

A Visual Glossary for Dim Sum!

Order dishes with confidence and impress your friends. Dim Sum Guide is the ultimate reference to all things dim sum. Here, you can find the names, pictures, descriptions, the Chinese pronunciations, videos, and more of all your favorite dishes. Dim Sum Guide also works great on mobile devices. So grab some friends and family and let's go get some dim sum!



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Easily access Dim Sum Guide on the go. All you have to do is to use the "add to homescreen" feature found on all iOS devices and the mobile chrome browser on android devices. You can also just bookmark Dim Sum Guide and it will work just as well.

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Dim Sum Guide uses responsive design and dynamic serving to work on all devices so that you can access our reference guide anywhere at anytime.

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We're now global!

Dim Sum Guide is now fully multi-lingual and available in multiple languages to serve a global audience of foodies, tourists, students studying Chinese culture, etc. Our languages include English, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

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