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Welcome to The Lucky Kitchen Blog at Dim Sum Guide! This will be a new adventure for our team at Dim Sum Guide. Up until this point, we’ve been diligently cataloging and building out our signature website app that acts as a totally interactive and visual glossary for ordering and enjoying dim sum. Our website app is the original and still the only freely available dim sum resource on the web that’s fully interactive and includes not only the names, photos, and descriptions of each dish, but also playable audio of the Chinese names, related videos, and multiple language support for a global audience of foodies.

With our efforts, we’ve built up a sizable collection of additions to our glossary and we believe our glossary now covers the majority of most common dishes available in dim sum. Of course, there are always new and custom dishes being created around the world and we’ll leave it to our audience to continue exploring and enjoying the delight of discovering new dishes with their family and friends.

Now with our new blog, we’ll go beyond the purely localized experience of enjoying dim sum to exploring the tech and tools around dim sum and even further into broader Asian cuisine and culture. Between dim sum and broader Asian cuisine, there are many things that interconnect. We aim to help shed light on these intricacies, provide insightful stories, share our wealth of kitchen experience, and help recommend tools and services that can help you become a better foodie and a better chef.

Cuisine and culture are also tightly intertwined and you can’t have one without the other. Every once in a while, we’ll also cover cultural aspects, holidays, and more with a focus on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultural hemispheres.

For many, food is an experience. It’s both a science and an art. It’s meant to be savored and enjoyed. While it’s no surprise we love talking about food, we also have a love of tech and tools and one of our big focuses here will be on those that can help and allow us to better elevate our experiences. With products and recommendations, we’ve noticed that many other publications simply take arbitrary products from literally just the first page of results from amazon and their content only consists of rephrased product descriptions. There is no value to these publications and sites. This regurgitation and lack of research doesn’t help foodies and it doesn’t help chefs. There is more to life than the first couple items from the first page of internet search results.

Our assessments and evaluations will come from our years of kitchen experience along with hours of testing and research. What’s unique about us is that we’ll also come in with an Asian cultural perspective as well. Ultimately, quality and design along with uniqueness are extremely important to us and our audience. We also know that a good deal is incredibly enticing so if a deal comes along, we’ll bring them to your attention too!


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