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I Dim Sum, but why isn't there a menu with pictures?! =(

Ever wondered what all those dim sum dishes were called? Ever wondered what was in all those dumplings and buns? Dim Sum Guide is the only visual glossary to take with you when you go eat Dim Sum! Impress your friends and order dishes with confidence.

What is Dim Sum (點心)?

Dim Sum is a style of southern Chinese cuisine from the Guangdong province where dishes consist of small individual portions of food typically served in small steamer baskets or small plates. Due to the size of the small bite-sized items, Dim Sum is naturally a social meal where everyone is sharing and trying out different items together. Usually eaten as brunch or lunch, an important and necessary part of Dim Sum is the tea. In fact, Cantonese speakers (the Guandong province used to be call Canton) do not say that they are going to eat Dim Sum, but instead say that they are going to "yum cha" (飲茶) (drink tea). Tea is an absolutely vital part of the dim sum meal and also helps to cut through the fat and grease.

How can Dim Sum Guide help me?

  • Order dishes with confidence with Dim Sum Guide at your side.
  • Learn how to pronounce the items in Chinese with both a pronunciation table and spoken audio.
  • Read the descriptions to figure out what an item is and what it contains inside.
  • Watch the Youtube videos to learn more about the items.
  • Try holding out your device and touch the play voice button for an item to help you order dishes in perfect Chinese!

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